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Current Role

I'm actively engaged as a Senior Product Designer at Wyzant, the largest network of one-on-one, online tutoring in the country. I've lead the design team for both the mobile and online products, but I have had the benefit of providing product solutions for a variety of other teams as well. Currenly I'm working with teams focused on student acquisition and a new Q&A video recording product. Below are some highlights from projects developed and released during my tenure.

Q&A Product Featuring Video Answers

Facilitated a design sprint for this new product which allowed us to test our hypothesis regarding student acquisition using a question and answer video based service.

Wyzant Sprint Questions Wyzant Sprint Sketch Wyzant Sprint Design

Snapshot of a preference test we had users conduct during the sprint user testing phase.

Wyzant Sprint Research

Q&A Final Design

Wyzant Video Answers

Updated SEM Landing Page

Wyzant SEM Wyzant SEM

Updated Mobile UI

Wyzant Mobile UI 1 Wyzant Mobile UI 2

Online Learning Tool

wolt 1 wolt 2 wolt 3 wolt 4 wolt landing page

Updated Search Results

Wyzant search results

Quick Scheduling Modal

Wyzant scheduling

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