A better way to manage stress.


The Resility iOS app conducts relaxation exercises with input from a bluetooth muscle activity monitor. Together the product provides real time biofeedback to the user. The muscle monitor uses electromyography, or EMG, technology to measure the activity in a muscle. This real time feedback can make you more aware of what's happening with your muscles and help you learn to control muscle activity, for example by relaxing muscles and relieving tension.


Resility Health is a self funded start up based out of Jacksonville, Florida, and like a lot of start up's, their design needs are tied directly to speed and budget. However that doesn't mean you need to skimp on the details. Through a series of quick research surveys and a few brainstorms with product owners, it was my responsability to provide them an interactive demo of the app that would facilitate their pitch presenation at an upcoming medical tradeshow.


Starting from scratch allows for a lot of freedom in design, but a fast turn around can force you to make decisions more quickly and cut out a lot of design exploration. For example, after the first design brainstorm, this was the basis for which a multiscreen prototype had to be built upon in just one week.

Resility Sketch

Constraints can be a challenge, but they can also provide a lot of focus on the design and goals of a project. Below are some of the key screens of the app as they appeared in the final InVision prototype.

resility Phones 1 resility Phones 2 resility Phones 3


With the prototype deliverd on time, the founders were able to successfully pitch the product and secure another round of funding. This has enabled them to build out their development team and release both an iOS and Android app to their customers.

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